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quiapo trip

Posted by Au Lim On Sunday, March 23, 2008 1 comments
i thought i was going out of town this long Easter weekend with the family but as life would have it, it was not meant to be. hubby and i got stuck in Manila due to work commitments...again! well at least i having some time to myself staying here at the house. hubby is having it worse because he is the one stuck at the workshop.

since i thought i was going to have a ball with my camera out of town, i went to Quiapo with Kara just to get me a CPL(circular polarizing) filter. i did come home with my filter plus a wireless remote and quite a few dvds (shhhh....)

since i brought the DLSR along, i also enjoyed taking shots here and there along the streets we walked through.

quiapo church "pasukan"

religious business

text ng text ang buntis

hay...text craze talaga...

bawal umakyat sa...?

the colors of quiapo

ang pula ng itlog...

nag-pose si kuya...

yummy tuyo

"bili na ate"

bagoong, please...

puto, kutsinta

perlas ng silangan

nice colors


ang cute daughter Kara took some home

pinoy ingenuity:franken-bike!

we finally reached Henry's and Mayer's (photog gear stores in Quiapo famed for really good prices) at this point. it was getting darker by then so i put away the camera. this was when the fun really started. all that ogling at those stores just made me lust for more camera equipment...i saw the lenses, strobes, tripods, gears galore that till today i can't stop dreaming of. plus i want to learn more!...maybe i should really stop spending on all that scrapbooking paper and tools so i can save up to buy some photography toys. now if only i could be resolute enough.

my cutie singing

Posted by Au Lim On Monday, March 10, 2008 1 comments
we went to Landmark the other day to get Reine a dress for an upcoming school program. as we passed by the toy section, Raj spied this little green guitar. i thought it was cute even if there was a Powerpuff girl sticker on it. i could always remove it anyway. what i was more worried about was that he would use it to hit his sister Reine...or the yaya...

i was so sure it would last him probably a week seeing that it was made of cheap plastic. but i guess the PHP99.95 was worth it even for this cute little video which big sis Gabey took on her cell. he hears Reine singing this and like most kids, picked it up very quickly. i'm wishing now i could scrapbook this!

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