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glorietta adventures

Posted by Au Lim On Tuesday, June 26, 2007 0 comments
my first time to join free seminars at the Glorietta organized by Filipinas Heritage was last May 20 with Lee and, supposedly Nita. however, bespren wasn't quite able to make it so my DD, Gabey, took her slot instead. we thoroughly enjoyed the Pottery class then not to mention it was a good opportunity for some mother-daughter-friend bonding.

although the pottery class was the first one we took, our main target was the Photography class. heck, they were free so we had signed up for both classes since last April. photography class was held last June 25. this time it was Lee who wasn't able to make it due to a very upset tummy borne out of eating seafoods the previous night (poor Lee!)

Nita and I enjoyed the class which we initially thought to be Basic Photography but was actually entitled "Travelling with a Camera" conducted by Jay Alonzo. At the second half of the class, we were asked to photograph Glorietta and capture its activity. i was too bent on getting some Dairy Queen so i didn't stray far from the lecture place. we even went back too late to submit the photos i took to the teacher for his critique. Nita didn't even attempt it...her tummy calls were louder than her desire to practice shooting.

if a picture is worth a thousand words, this photo speaks for itself :-D

i heard the speaker mention several times and with great pride that "hindi phinotoshop yan" referring to his sample photo. probably this is with good reason, but i, on the other hand love photoshop-ing. i don't have the benefit of polarizing filters yet and the expensive gadgetry they already have so i LIKE Photoshop...a lot! i can saturate colors and crop to the size i like, just like the filters the pros already have warm colors or saturate hues. the photos you see here have been minimally tweaked mostly by way cropping or adjusting histograms for color saturation. maybe later, when i get better, i would be proud to say too na "hindi phinotoshop yan"...but for now, i am proud that i have a pretty darn good grasp of Photoshop.

since the rest of my family decided to take the opportunity of me already being at glorietta, hence mall time, i decided to do groceries so we were there till the evening. as as we were passing the hallways, i saw a flower/plant stall. since my camera was already with me, i decided to shoot a few more.

yeah, flower cliches. good practice for someone like me though. being a neophyte, everytime something i pull off something with a semblance of a decent photo, happy na agad ako! :-D

LOST is back...

Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, June 23, 2007 0 comments
My favorite TV show has been back for the past 3 weeks and so is the hot, hot, H-O-T Josh Holloway!!! [insert squeal here] He's sexier than ever because this season he seems to be showing more of a softer side to the villainous-conman-yet-bida character of Sawyer. Oh me, oh my, whenever he gives one of those scowls, i just have to stop awhile to quiet my heart. What's wrong with me? I can already hear Nita now saying "kaya nga you like your husband e!" Hubby doesn't quite scowl as fiercely but he can get really icy when he want to...why this turns me on, i cannot quite explain.

But look can one not go googoo-gahgah over a sexy guy like this, scowling or not? And the hair...oh my gosh, the's practically begging for hands to run through them.

Lost holds such charm for me because it's got a very original storyline and a mystery i just can't figure out. add to that the individuals whose interesting lives the series slowly unveils and whose characters are truly dimensional -- they are not all good or all bad--just like in real life. it's a must watch. if you weren't able to start it from the first season, i suggest getting a DVD copy of the first 2 seasons and watch it from the start...if you don't like it or it doesn't get you hooked, my name isn't Au.

silly funny rugrats...

Posted by Au Lim On Tuesday, June 19, 2007 1 comments
i put up the camera on a tripod and aimed the lens down because i was setting up to take photos of products on the table. i turned for a while only to come back to a funny scene. Reine and Raj was already on top of the table looking up the camera lens, curiously inspecting. then, when i went behind the camera and looked through the lens...they were already giving me these bright smiles. boy, aren't these kids camera bugs!

mama, flowers for you...

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, June 13, 2007 2 comments
Reine often picks whatever is blooming out front, from the santan to the bougainvilla and brings them to me with a giggle, "flowers for you, mama..." so today, i decided to take a pic of her with it.

the little boy seems intrigued by the little flowers...

Raj usually follows suit and offers them to me, too... thanks babies! XOXOXO

ahhh, the simple joys of motherhood...

cool pencilmation

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, June 13, 2007 0 comments
found this on yahoo. i thinks it's pretty cool!


Posted by Au Lim On Thursday, June 07, 2007 0 comments

i just luuvvve this new TV series on Starworld (late sa Pilipinas kasi tapos na yata ito sa US). they are only in their 4th episode and I like the their premise that the American president could be a woman. how it happened was believable. she did not get elected. she was vice president to the the leader who suddenly died of a cerebral aneurism. they wanted her to resign her post because she is female and is an Independent. she almost did but finally decided against it. the ensuing intrigues and political underhandedness by some cabinet members and other political party personalities rings so true. after all, we've seen them happen in real life in Philippine politics. have they been looking this way?

i also love watching Geena Davis in the role of Mackenzie Allen (see, even that name is so cool!), the first female American president. the role fits her so well... and she looks so sexy even in an unsexy role. I only wish real life politicians would be more like her character who would put the country first before political agendas. there was this part on the show where she was convincing her pick for vice president (a general who was her political opponent) to join her administration. she was handpicking him despite their opposing views because she thought he could do the job well. when asked why, she said she knew that she would not win the next elections because she was an independent. so she is not going to waste her time being popular, instead she will do what was best for the American people. can you imagine a politician saying something like that?
while watching the series, I can't help wonder sometimes if this is a prelude to something else that is real life. Hmmm...will it be Condie or Hillary? wouldn't it be interesting if life imitated art?

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