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improving a bit...

Posted by Au Lim On Tuesday, January 29, 2008 0 comments
this is taking too doggone's all my carpenter's (Eddie) fault. took too many jobsites at the same time. i miss having a kitchen. but at least there's hope now. won't be long before the gas range is not in the middle of the sala anymore.

monster crane

Posted by Au Lim On Friday, January 18, 2008 0 comments
this is what is causing all the dust inside and giving me grief. even my hair feels dusty. couple that with the kitchen renovations makes for less incentive to be creative with my scrapbooking and quilting.

and this is right on front of our gate.

kitchen blues

Posted by Au Lim On Monday, January 14, 2008 0 comments
we have been surviving on quickie meals for the past week...when, oh, when will my kitchen repairs get done?!...and the carpenters didn't come in today...huhuhu! i'm so looking forward to the new sink, the unclogged drains, additional cabinets and cleaner overall appearance. it's been years since the last repairs and this is a 50-something-year old house...

this is too much of a mess even for me...look, not even the cat approves of it...

i hope this gets done by late next week. it's so hard to think with a mess like this.

poor tashi

Posted by Au Lim On Sunday, January 13, 2008 1 comments
last night, we rushed to the vet. good thing they are open till 10pm. Tashi's been a little jerky...licking his behind often. he looks like he's in pain to me. funny thing was that my right b*tt cheek was painful too. muscle pains. i must have sat on it too long.

so i can sympathize with Tashi. i had to bring him to the vet right away. once there, i found out his case was different. something to do his anal sac. i read about this but i haven't had an encounter with it with all my other dogs before. vet says they have to be drained every few months. so now, we are on antibiotics and a soothing cream i have to apply to his uhmmm behind a few times a day. the antibiotics pills are a breeze. the cream, not so much...oh, the things one does for the love of a pet.


Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, January 12, 2008 1 comments
i hated driving a few years was easier for hubby to drive for me. lately though, with a new batch of young school children and still as busy as ever with both work and play, driving myself to places is starting to sound good to me. this Pajero looks really nice and especially with its P200K something price's from '94 i think. automatic na sya and very nice exterior, interior is not as makinis pero puede na rin. i thought i would be able to score. hubby asked to check it out kasi. kaya lang hubby didn't like it...kainiiiiisssss! ang guapo pa naman nya no?... ang kinis e...

di of these will happen din...{sniff}

silly boy...

Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, January 12, 2008 1 comments
yesterday, Gabey yelled out to me, "mama! si Raj may nilagay na naman sa ilong nya!" panic na naman ako and ran upstairs to Gab's room. ano na naman?!...

the other day, as i was scrapping, i was cutting out little red foam pieces to pop up my scrapbook embellies. Raj started sneezing behind me continuously. i turned to him because it sounded funny...until i realized he was sneezing because there was something up his nose! he looked very brave and calm though, eyes all red, sneezing like crazy and poking his little fingers up a nostril to get the foreign object out. one more sneeze and out popped a small red foam! goodness gracious!

this time, when i got to him, he wasn't sneezing anymore. i took a flashlight and look up his nose. nothing there. "wala na siguro, mama..." Gabey said. i returned my seat infront of the computer, head-shaking and eyes-rolling. one minute later, Gabey and Raj approaches me. "Mama, look.." they hand me a very wet, slimy object...a very slimy...cottonball! haaayyy Raj!

ok, silly pose with that cotton ball for Mama!...

ang arte pah!!!...grabe!

this incident reminds me of when my firstborn son was about this age...he stuck a mongo bean up his nose naman...he's 19 now so he's probably done sticking beans up his nose. he's on to a new set of misadventures, i'm sure. i just hope he wouldn't have to holler "mama!" for those.

new years' blog resolution

Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, January 12, 2008 0 comments
ok...since it's the start of the new year, i must come up with at least one resolution. i'm really not a resolution kinda girl but this one i like. i got the idea from Erin Lincoln of CK Magazine: a photo of the day for her blog. one that probably defines the day or is an interesting point in the day. kinda cool i think. at the end of the year, i can look back at how my year was thru photos. it will also make me blog more if i can make my entries shorter. it often takes me forever to blog and this makes me lazy to do it. so here goes...

Photo Essay