Posted by Au Lim On Thursday, June 07, 2007

i just luuvvve this new TV series on Starworld (late sa Pilipinas kasi tapos na yata ito sa US). they are only in their 4th episode and I like the their premise that the American president could be a woman. how it happened was believable. she did not get elected. she was vice president to the the leader who suddenly died of a cerebral aneurism. they wanted her to resign her post because she is female and is an Independent. she almost did but finally decided against it. the ensuing intrigues and political underhandedness by some cabinet members and other political party personalities rings so true. after all, we've seen them happen in real life in Philippine politics. have they been looking this way?

i also love watching Geena Davis in the role of Mackenzie Allen (see, even that name is so cool!), the first female American president. the role fits her so well... and she looks so sexy even in an unsexy role. I only wish real life politicians would be more like her character who would put the country first before political agendas. there was this part on the show where she was convincing her pick for vice president (a general who was her political opponent) to join her administration. she was handpicking him despite their opposing views because she thought he could do the job well. when asked why, she said she knew that she would not win the next elections because she was an independent. so she is not going to waste her time being popular, instead she will do what was best for the American people. can you imagine a politician saying something like that?
while watching the series, I can't help wonder sometimes if this is a prelude to something else that is real life. Hmmm...will it be Condie or Hillary? wouldn't it be interesting if life imitated art?

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