i hate politicians! {beware:major rant}

Posted by Au Lim On Friday, October 19, 2007
after what happened at glorietta today, i can't believe the gall of some of these politicos! seeing the images on tv of the aftermath of what may be a bomb explosion in one of the busiest malls in the country makes me shudder. we almost always park at Parksquare 2, cross the short bridgeway to enter the mall and get my 2 year old son's haircut at the salon for tots right there underneath where the tragedy happened. i could have been there and i go there usually with my entire family. my heart breaks for those caught in the melee. this area is very close to where the toy shops and the maternity shops are. there are often parents with kids on strollers walking around in this area...my gosh...it's horrific when i imagine it.

and what do these f**k**g politician assholes do? i hear Trillanes actually blames GMA for it! how phenomenally sickening is that? instead of running to the aid of people hurt and shattered physically and emotionally because of the incident, he takes advantage of it by doing politicking...i swear it makes me hate him a lot! i am sick and tired of the likes of the old has-been Nene Pimentel who used to be in the camps who opposed the Marcoses yet where is he now? i seems to me they just make careers out of being "oppositionists" regardless of what they actually believe in. he is a blubbering old fool and i have lost all respect for him and his kind.

does being "opposition" mean their sole mission is to sow hatred for the other party whether the other party does well or not? can't they just focus on REAL weaknesses that they can help improve in the present government rather than FABRICATED ones just to gain points in unthinking people's eyes who get so easily swayed. i am no GMA-lover but for goodness sakes', prove something already instead of continually assaulting the poor miniscule president of all sorts of accusations yet none brought to the finish! truly, i have more sympathy for her than these blasted "oppositionists". it seems to me all they aim for is to hurl whatever accusation just to get some media coverage!

i even hate some of the youth who, just for the sake of adventure, takes to the street, shouting about how democracy is being violated when they were not even alive during the time when democracy was truly killed and martial rule was in place for 20 years--people really disappeared, and conversations were hushed if you spoke of anything remotely anti-government. they don't know what they are talking about! how stupid are they for saying democracy is dead when they are out on the streets marching and shouting libelous comments on the "powers that be". most of all, i hate the people who sensationalize and exaggerate each and every tragic event such as today at glorietta calling it signs of impending martial law! gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyo, hindi na gagawin ng present govenment yan kasi kumita na si Marcos dyan! siempre iibahin na nila ang gimmick nila!

ano ba kayo?!
can't we just expend energy on identifying real problems and solving them instead of fabricating new ones and wasting taxpayers money on senseless senate inquiries. can't they put what is in the best interest of the people they purport to serve (even some of the time) instead of just making a game out of politics...matira na lang ang matibay or papogian na lang tayo by doing siraan while in the process dividing the nation. ilang beses na ba akong nasuka sa sigaw ni JV Ejercito about the elitista and the masa?

i can only pray for the souls of these politicians... i do not exactly believe in the concept of hell but it does make me wish there was one for these sort of people.

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