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Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, January 12, 2008
yesterday, Gabey yelled out to me, "mama! si Raj may nilagay na naman sa ilong nya!" panic na naman ako and ran upstairs to Gab's room. ano na naman?!...

the other day, as i was scrapping, i was cutting out little red foam pieces to pop up my scrapbook embellies. Raj started sneezing behind me continuously. i turned to him because it sounded funny...until i realized he was sneezing because there was something up his nose! he looked very brave and calm though, eyes all red, sneezing like crazy and poking his little fingers up a nostril to get the foreign object out. one more sneeze and out popped a small red foam! goodness gracious!

this time, when i got to him, he wasn't sneezing anymore. i took a flashlight and look up his nose. nothing there. "wala na siguro, mama..." Gabey said. i returned my seat infront of the computer, head-shaking and eyes-rolling. one minute later, Gabey and Raj approaches me. "Mama, look.." they hand me a very wet, slimy object...a very slimy...cottonball! haaayyy Raj!

ok, silly pose with that cotton ball for Mama!...

ang arte pah!!!...grabe!

this incident reminds me of when my firstborn son was about this age...he stuck a mongo bean up his nose naman...he's 19 now so he's probably done sticking beans up his nose. he's on to a new set of misadventures, i'm sure. i just hope he wouldn't have to holler "mama!" for those.

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  1. symbelly Said,'> February 16, 2008 at 10:58 AM

    oh my gulay,
    i wonder what mine will be up to while they are growing up.
    they are now cute 5yo and 2.5yo.
    they drive me crazy too sometimes.


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