strobist ambitions

Posted by Au Lim On Thursday, April 10, 2008
ok...the reason i was so insistent on getting an sb800 (Nikon flash aka strobe) is because i have been hanging out this really cool site called (so many things to learn there but it makes you long for more gear.) i have an old flash, an sb26 (a remnant from my Nikon F4 which i never mastered, BTW. it was too expensive then to develop so many films. digital is a godsend, i tell you.). i almost sold it to get new gear but luckily stumbled on before i did! no wonder it still fetches a pretty good price on ebay. strobists like it because it can be used as a slave flash!

here is a really cool video by a guy named Paul Duncan on strobist gear and techniques. his website here.


and here is my first attempt at slaving the sb26 off-camera with the sb800 on-camera. i still need to properly understand all the principles of light metering and other techniques but at least this is a start. camera was triggered using a remote. and, yeah i know, i could have gotten a better model!...hehehe... sige, next time na lang... :-D

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