preschool. big school. graduate. repeat.

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, June 18, 2008
yup, this is my 5th time around starting preschool with my babies. first day blues again... hehe...amusing actually :-D

here comes the waterworks!....

i thought Raj would be as okay with being left inside the classroom as Reine was on her first day. Reine wa really cool then. so cool it was mama who had separation anxiety. and to think, Reine is my shyest child. Raj, however, is the most precocious yet he just wouldn't let me go! at first, he sat on the mat with me then as i pulled away, he crawled out almost in tears.

Raj wouldn't stay inside the mat.

i was already sitting inside the classroom but Raj was really being cautious. he just wouldn't stay inside the mat. after a while, he relaxed a bit, especially when they were asked to do some coloring with crayons.

furiously coloring...

they were mostly asked to color shapes: circle, triangles, squares, but then we got to the rectangle, he drew a face instead. i asked him who it Di-Tsi daw...hehehe...

our first masterpiece

ito si Di-Tsi...kamukha naman, di ba?

Reine was pretty relaxed in school as could be expected since she's now in kinder 2.

Day 2: smiling brightly now...but still, paparazzi mama has to be IN the classroom with him.

Day 3: teacher convinced Raj to stand and draw on the board...

pretty sun drawing by the little boy with teacher's help

coloring with full concentration complete with protruding "nguso" :-D

happy boy... BECAUSE mama is IN the room... tomorrow is a different matter.
no parents allowed already...we'll see...

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