oh where, oh where...

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, July 23, 2008
is that little cat now... oh where, oh where can she be?...

took this photo a few weeks back. now, i miss her when i see it.

the nursery rhyme is playing over in my head. although the subject was originally a dog, it is one of our pusa-kals that is missing. i've never really minded our pusa-kals (i.e. pusang kalye or street cat :-)) comings and goings. we've had several over the years and it seems, they drift in and out, often going missing for days on end (especially the males) presumably looking for...uhmmm...primal calls, or a better kitchen. they usually come back after days or weeks, sometimes never but i do not really mind. they are free. however, i have grown attached to Isidra. she's been with us since she was a kitten and she's special because among all our cats, she is the most docile and has a sweet little voice. she has resigned herself to being either my hubby's stress toy (he likes mushing her up quite a bit) and Tashi's squeeze toy. Tashi is our shih tzu. he likes playing around with Isidra, giving her lovebites on her backside but she almost never runs away. just sort of gives a token squeak. she actually enjoys it like a massage because if she chose to run away, the dog will never catch up to her. Tashi, on the other hand, just enjoys their play because it probably makes him feel alpha-ish.

however, Isidra has not been seen for the past 4 days and i am getting worried. she almost never goes missing for days. she likes Tashi's dog food too much to stay away for this long. i hope she's okay and would come back soon. i miss her.


yesterday afternoon, i stood up from the computer to look out the window. i noticed the light streaming in from the sunset which was very orange. i love orangey sunsets so i grabbed my camera and went to our small balcony. however, once there, my other 2 cats wanted to play with me. i ended up taking photos of them instead. or, at least, i attempted to. this one is of Ashley, our 8-year old Persian. no photos of Purrkins (the other Persian) because he was so into playing he just kept rubbing on to me and the lens! and so i have come to the conclusion (yet again!) that pets are subjects that are sooooooo hard to get photos of. tried it with Tashi some time ago... posing them is out of the question!

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  1. Lee i. Said,
    http://auwashere.blogspot.com/2008/07/oh-where-oh-where.html?showComment=1216814040000#c8713146871264059765'> July 23, 2008 at 7:54 PM

    hope isidra comes home soon. i thought the sunset turned your cat orange. heh.


  2. Au Lim Said,
    http://auwashere.blogspot.com/2008/07/oh-where-oh-where.html?showComment=1216820700000#c2736520682554192412'> July 23, 2008 at 9:45 PM

    oo nga e...sana nga nakikikain lang si isidra sa kapitbahay...wala na tuloy hinabol na playmate ang Tashi.

    yeah, the sun actually did! :-D cream yang si Ash eh...ganda ng sunset yesterday no? today, gray yung skies e so malungkot yung mood...


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