LOST is back...

Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, June 23, 2007
My favorite TV show has been back for the past 3 weeks and so is the hot, hot, H-O-T Josh Holloway!!! [insert squeal here] He's sexier than ever because this season he seems to be showing more of a softer side to the villainous-conman-yet-bida character of Sawyer. Oh me, oh my, whenever he gives one of those scowls, i just have to stop awhile to quiet my heart. What's wrong with me? I can already hear Nita now saying "kaya nga you like your husband e!" Hubby doesn't quite scowl as fiercely but he can get really icy when he want to...why this turns me on, i cannot quite explain.

But look here...how can one not go googoo-gahgah over a sexy guy like this, scowling or not? And the hair...oh my gosh, the hair...it's practically begging for hands to run through them.

Lost holds such charm for me because it's got a very original storyline and a mystery i just can't figure out. add to that the individuals whose interesting lives the series slowly unveils and whose characters are truly dimensional -- they are not all good or all bad--just like in real life. it's a must watch. if you weren't able to start it from the first season, i suggest getting a DVD copy of the first 2 seasons and watch it from the start...if you don't like it or it doesn't get you hooked, my name isn't Au.

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