rootin' tootin' for the cute pinay idol

Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, February 23, 2008
oh yeah...this girl has i fighting chance. of course we have seen better performers here in the homeland like Kayla...but Ramiele Malubay is IN the competition! and for a 17 year old, she knows how to play the game very well. notice how she made her voice all small and little girlish on her first audition day. she was banking on surprising the judges enough to send her to Hollywood--and they played right into her strategy. right on girl!

so Pinoys out there who can vote, support our very own. Ramiele Malubay is waaay better than Jasmine Trias and most of all, i LOOOVE that she is putting the fact that she is Filipina out there. i mean, she is really highlighting it. notice how everyone watching American Idol already know that she is Pinay because she always mentions it. and her family didn't succumb to being called 'ma-loo-bey'. unlike some celebrity athletes (like golfer girl Delasin) who mentions being Filipina only in passing, hardly ever as a matter of fact.

so, way to go, Ramiele! make us proud. and i personally love that i have more vested interest to watch for and cheer on someone in this season's American Idol.

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  1. symbelly Said,'> March 15, 2008 at 9:49 AM

    wow. hope she wins this thing.
    the guy who alyas have something negative to say about the candidates actually has a very positive comment this time (i mean only positive comments this time.)

    i dont really watch this show. do keep me updated (hehehehe) thru your blog. hihihihihihi
    Abuso ba?


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