: new blog to celebrate 08.08.08

Posted by Au Lim On Friday, August 08, 2008

yup...just set me a new one up. i think that Artful Blogging Challenge by just whetted my appetite for even more blogs. and as the title implies, it's for posting one photo a day. i'm hoping it would at least get me to process more from my growing photofolio or perhaps to just capture one and post immediately. whatever the case may be, it's designed to keep the photo fever alive in me. (haha! if my flickr and multiply are not enough...) i'm calling this blog [and some music to groove by], yes you guessed it, because it put in a playlist so it won't be too quiet when you visit... and also so i have music playing in the background when i don't have a radio.

and see, it's 08.08.08 (Aug. 8, 2008)... must do something to celebrate it right? i've had this space since December last year anyway when i visited CH's blog on Vox. might as well do something useful with it. and Vox has lots for cool theme skins too. i think i'm going to enjoy changing it often. my only gripe with the Vox skins is that they are not as customizable as Blogspot's...only the banner headers are changeable and when you do, you are stuck with a limited number of skins/themes. hopefully, they'll do something about this sometime soon.

so here's to more blogging fun... happy 08.08.08 day to all!

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