project 365 hanged...err, hung... (?)

Posted by Au Lim On Tuesday, December 30, 2008
'hanged' man or 'hung'... sablay pa rin... huhuhuhu....

i embarked on a project 365 last 11/11 after much thought. there are may versions of this photography, ummm... venture but basically the aim is to take a photo a day and usually it is uploaded to a website, blog or more often, on Flickr. i upload mine not only to Flickr but to a dedicated blog on Vox and weekly to my Multiply. these help in me being more committed to it. besides, what am i to do to the photos after taking it other than just store it on my hard disk?

it's really a great game to take on... there are many pluses that one gets out of it. for me, the biggest plus is the chance to interact with my photography gear on a daily basis. this means i get valuable practice and learning time just by the commitment to handle the camera and shoot everyday. secondly, as a scrapbooker, it is in keeping with my goal to document life as it happens not only to me but also to my family. as a natural result, i get to collect so much 'scrappable' photos!... ahem!... but of course, actually scrapping the photos is another story.

unfortunately, too many things in the busy holiday season got in the way. i dillydallied for a while thinking i'll just play catch-up. but then, some Flickr support guys who are doing the same project advised me to just call it a test run and restart. i hated the thought for a while because that means i have to abandon what i started but i eventually thought the better of it. the new year is coming up anyway and it was just extra challenge to come up with new ideas. so heck, why not... i'll just do a reboot! i've uploaded the last 12 photos from my test run here. do visit please!... cheers to the new year!

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