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Posted by Au Lim On Saturday, January 03, 2009

just for fun (and for my project 365's day 2 photo), i made my small collection of photo equipment 'pose' for me. since it's the start of the year, i thought i would be nice to capture a record of this now and compare how they would grow--hopefully, not shrink!--by the same time next year.

some of the stuff here has been with me since maybe the late-90's particularly the Nikon F4 film body, the 28-70 f3.5 lens i bought with it, the MF-23 digital back, and the SB26 flash unit. my photography hobby didn't go too far back then because i found it too expensive to get film developed plus the support groups on the internet just weren't there yet. so for the record, let me just say it again: i loooove digital and hurray for the world wide web!

so here's my modest photo gear inventory, thus far:
camera bodies:
1. Nikon D300
2. Nikon D40
3. Nikon F4

1. Nikkor 18-200 f3.5-5.6 VR
2. Nikkor 50mm f1.8D
3. Nikkor 18-55 f3.5 to 5.6 G ED
4. Micro Nikkor 55mm f3.5 AIS
5. Lensbaby 2.0
6. Nikkor 28-70 f3.5-4.5D

flash units:
1. Nikon SB-800
2. Nikon SB-26

1. macro extension tube
2. Sunpak 72mm circular polarizer (CPL)
3. Hoya R72 IR filter 52mm
4. Lenbabies close-up macro filter attachment
5. Lenspen
6. X-Wrap
7. Lowepro Voyager camera strap
8. canvas backdrop 3mx6m(gray) -- (up for sale! unused! P1750.00)

other accessories not in the photo:
1. Giottos VT-801 tripod
2. Falcon Eyes 42" 5-in-1 reflector
3. 36" bounce umbrella
4. 42" shoot-thru/bounce umbrella
5. medium lightstand
6. small lightstand
7. Falcon Eyes reflector holder
8. Lowepro Slingshot 100 backpack
9. Lowepro Bottle bag

here's to more gear-growing and camera-clicking in 2009! cheers!

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  1. patcad Said,'> April 30, 2009 at 6:02 PM

    Ganda ng gear mo tita. :> COOL!


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