chronicles of a travel virgin

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm a bit shy to admit it but yes, I am a travel virgin. It took me almost 43 years before I even stepped out of the boundaries of my cushy little world--not that I had any real complaints about that. I am actually afraid of riding anything that takes my feet off solid land. I don't like airplanes and most especially not boats. Of course, being a mother of 3 very early in life doesn't give me much choice anyway and with 2 more kids later, it doesn't leave much cash for expensive trips either. But luck sometimes just falls in one's lap and an opportunity showed itself for a 6-day Macau-China-HK girl trip: me, MIL, SIL, and my elder daughters Gabey, 18 and Kara, 14.

From the time SIL told me to fix the kids' passport for this journey, I psyched myself to overcome my phobias and planned which of my stuff to pack. I have to say the opportunity to take my camera to strange lands that promise magnificent photo ops helped a lot appease my fears. So here goes the story of my first journey away from the islands I call home:

March 22- Macau

We left Manila at around lunchtime and arrived at Macau shortly after 2pm. It was a barely 2-hour plane ride which was cool with me. The shorter, the better! I kept the fear at bay by taking photos. So now I know of another panacea that makes everything alright for me besides chocolates: my Nikon.

I knew we were staying at The Venetian for a day. I heard it was a really nice hotel but goodness, I didn't know it was not just nice but GRAND! Even our room was totally FA-BU-LOUS. It had 2 queen-sized beds (that really looked like they were made for queens) not just one but two TV sets and a living room area. The view wasn't as grand though because all I can see out the window were new hotels under construction. This side of Macau is still young and developing.

We spent the rest of the day just strolling around the hotel since we have no plans of doing the casino anyway. I am not very lucky with games of chance. Besides, it doesn't interest me much where I'm not allowed to take my camera. With 2 teenagers in tow, we weren't even allowed to cross the casino as a shorter route to our room-- and they were really strict. Even Gabey who was just 3 days shy of being 18 wasn't allowed. The guard told her she can come back in 3 days. Too bad for Gab who was so disappointed she wasn't even able to peek in a casino.

Taking the long route to the room was not a bad deal anyway. We had to pass through Level 3 where all the shops were. There were so many things to see. There was an indoor Venice-style 'canal' with gondolas and gondoliers who sing, some of whom were Pinoys.

This mime looks Pinoy to me. I couldn't ask him though because he wasn't allowed to smile, much less talk.

It seems this other mime was too beguiled with a joking Gabey that he wasn't able to resist a bit of a smile.

We then explored the outside of the hotel until almost sundown and we were feeling the pangs of hunger. We went back to the hotel to plan our next day and then retired for the day. As usual, I couldn't immediately fall asleep in strange places so I did some journaling. I was sorely missing my 2 babies who still sleeps with me and hubby. Being in such a romantic place only made me miss him badly as well. I cried myself to sleep that night and for the next 3 or 4 nights after that.

to be continued with more photos and stories...

Day 2 - Macau to HK
Day 3 - Shenzhen, China
Day 4 - HK - Camera shop-hopping and the Night Market
Day 5 - HK - More shopping
Day 6 - 'Can't-wait-to-go-home' day..

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  1.'> April 4, 2009 at 10:06 PM

    wow what a grand vacation! beautiful photos, para na rin akong nakarating sa Asian version ng Venice ;)

    Will wait for your next posts!


  2. Marjie Said,'> April 6, 2009 at 8:30 AM

    Hi, that's a lot of good trips for someone who hasn't done it before. Glad you're making up for it in full blast...look at all those beautiful shots =). I can't wait to see more of that adventure when the next few ones get posted. Tell the family I said hello! Miss you guys....mwah!


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