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Posted by Au Lim On Friday, June 26, 2009
I like shopping on the net. I don't have to get in the car, go to the mall, browse through shop windows and eventually end up going home buying more than what I really need. In today's economic and environmental scenario, it makes sense to save not just money but time and energy as well. Being earth-conscious, I would also like to think online shopping has less carbon-footprint than riding a vehicle to the store.

However, when I shop on the net, I end up with too many tabs in my browser window. That's because I have to study my choices well so I browse through many, many websites, both for the shops and the reviews. IIt can get very confusing, not to mention just as time consuming as actually going out shopping in real life. But I discovered one site that makes my shopping life even easier--ShopWiki. Unlike browsing through different websites, you only need to deal with one. That's because ShopWiki crawls the web then searches and indexes all info about a particular product much like Google. Simply enter a brand, article or item you would like to find anywhere in the world and it turns up results with matching photos to make your search experience even better.

As a concrete example, here's one on a laptop search. Not only does it turn up a variety of computer laptops classification to help organize your search but clicking each segment educates you as well to actually help you make your choice! Truly informed shopping. I think it beats going out an talking to salepeople who will only try to convince you to buy only their product and potentially mislead you. I suggest you go and try it right now and see if its not shopping-truth I'm telling you! :-D

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