more lab tests

Posted by Au Lim On Wednesday, May 09, 2007
been to the doc's today and made several trips to St. Lukes for Raj's urinalysis. hard to concentrate on work. i was expecting the fever to be gone by now but it still rages when we miss the combined paracetamol and ibuprofen. what's surprising is that Raj's fever is high when his skin feels almost cool. while we were waiting our turn to see the doc, Raj didn't feel hot at all. in fact, his skin was almost normal to the touch. when the nurse took his temp, it was 38.7 C. i wonder what his temp was on those times i didn't take them and he felt reaaaally hot? probably well into the 40s. no wonder he was shaking and vomiting. i am thankful though that he is not prone to febrile seizures like Kara was when she was a baby. those episodes were really scary! i remember running barefoot to the hospital when our klunky car stalled as we were taking baby Kara to the ER. luckily, it started a short while later. otherwise, i would no doubt need to join my daughter in the ER when we get there if my asthma starts up.

i got the lab results around 7pm tonight and called Doc Vicky Ang. she gave me antibiotic dosage instructions over the phone after i relayed to her the results. what makes me a bit worried was that she also instructed me to get ultrasound tests on Friday...i didn't have the courage to ask why she thought he needed one...

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