a typical night

Posted by Au Lim On Thursday, May 10, 2007
except for the sick baby boy here

this is a typical night in our bedroom:

three silly, noisy girls playing. i don't know why they are in our bedroom when they can make all their noise in theirs!

tonight the game is:
ilong...ilong...ilong...ilong...ilong...tenga! (do you know this game?) don't make me explain...

of course, the little girl never fails to cry about something di-tsi (2nd sister, Kara) does and this is how she usually ends up: thumbsuck...cry....

a few minutes later, bati na sila...

this morning, i was so happy Raj already seemed to be happy and playing with his toys,

and fighting with sis Reine,

so hopefully everything will be well tomorrow,

another pogi shot of my
talkative little cutie pie

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