raj looking good...

Posted by Au Lim On Sunday, May 13, 2007
thanks for the well-wishes friends! raj seems fine naman today...

the ultrasound did show a slight swelling of his kidney but the doc explained it away as probably due to the infection. some sort of UTI that sometimes happens daw to uncircumcised males. hmmmm... i was a bit afraid yesterday because the yaya noted that his face looked puffy. i noticed that too the previous night but i thought it might be my imagination. when we brought him to the doc naman, she said his eyelids are not puffy naman so no need to worry. she just changed the antibiotic prescription and told us to see the results of the urine culture next week. she also asked us to do another urinalysis by Friday and another ultrasound after a month. makes me wonder tuloy if i should NOT be worried indeed.

otherwise, he seems like the happy boy that he is. he is more himself today, makulit and nang-aaway already. he's very spunky again and i cannot be happier...a happy mother's day to me indeed.

on different note: i don't know why my kids like this stuff when it gets their faces all distorted after popping one in. Sure i like Nerds (the sweet sour candy) but this one is really sourrrr!

Raj seems to like it and i get a kick out of watching his face all wrinkled when Kara makes him take one.

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