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Posted by Au Lim On Thursday, July 16, 2009
In the market for a practical Hyundai Genesis ? Need to find reviews for that SUV you are eyeing like that cool GMC Sierra hybrid ? Or just generally daydreaming for the spanking new big-boy/girl-toy-on-four-wheels 2009 Audi A6 that you are promising yourself once you get that fat annual bonus? Whether you want a vehicle that is green and practical or one that is big, bad and rugged, here's a connection for you:

Personally, I need a new vehicle myself right about now. My daughter has been carting my ride away which often leaves me homebound and carless. But before I even step out of the house and on to a car dealership, I find it more convenient to check out what's on the net first. I would look for car reviews, recommendations for my needs, scour forums and generally spend time on online classifieds because it's a lot more economical and faster which makes it smarter. See, I like being smart, or at least seeming to be. :-)

This great website I stumbled on is perfect for this because not only does it have great reviews for practically any car make and model I want--which, just by itself is a great feature--but it also has classifieds (not that its much use to me being not in the same country… but it could be useful to you), information on insurance, financing and even forum style tips. Amazing how everything is just right there. All the know-how you need when you want to get yourself a new car. In my case, even without being in the same continent, the information is just fantastic and definitely useful. Just check it out for yourself.

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